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Party & Wedding Favors

Cherub Moulds: Wedding FavorsA frequently requested service, Sweet Somethings now produces custom Weddings Favors for every budget.

Choose any item from our delicious catalog—our products are all easily produced as small favors, guaranteed to be a welcome gift to your guests.

Our goal is to provide you with beautiful favors that will match your budget. Give us a call to discuss your specifications—we'd love to help you make your special day a success!

Popular items for favors include truffles, custom chocolate moulds, coconut clusters, and chocolate bark.

Samples available on request.




Raspberry Cremes
Coconut Clusters
Petit Fours

Packaged in the box of your choice

One piece                    $3.00/ea
Two pieces                  $6.00/ea

Mixed Nut Bark
White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or combination

Packaged in the box of your choice
Package (approx. 2oz)   $2.00/ea

Wrapped in cellophane, tied with customizable ribbon

Small                           $1.00/ea
Medium                       $2.00/ea
Large                           $3.00/ea

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